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APIM - Designer

The APIM Designer is an easy to use graphical environment that lets developpers design a business process (BPM) or an integration flow process (EAI).
The tool is centered around the APIM Methodology, where every task is represented as a reusable "action".
APIM Designer will be primarily used by a business or integration manager to describe the process and the business rules (conditions, waiting states, resource allocationÂ…).

APIM Designer is suited for easy as well as complex process lasting months or seconds, crossing or not enterprise boundaries. Using the designer is definitely the fastest and more intuitive way to represent a process. APIM Designer features an easy to use interface to monitor and supervise each step of an integration project. With this application, you can design and monitor your business and integration processes in real time. APIM Designer is using a set of predefined Actions that are configurable components that represent the most common tasks used in the business. They automate end-to-end processes via process maps, roles, business rules, external data access and user interactions.
An action is designed to perform a singular task, connect to an external system, trigger out a system action, read response, or some other tasks that has meaning at a generic level. An action is defined as a web service with input parameters following the XML naming conventions based on Namespaces with XPath notation, and with configuration parameters to locate the service to be called with the correct context information.
An action can be registered manually in APIM Designer or automatically by parsing a WSDL definition file.

The Facts:
unlimited views
buulet unlimited actions
bullet user friendly web interface.
bullet manage business rules and integration process using drag n drop.
bullet map data transformation visually
bullet assign security
bullet monitor activity
bullet validate model over methodology
bullet configure Apim


The Security:
bullet the process Administrators assign the security to the processes


The Action Editor:
bullet Web Services action editor
bullet Automatically register new actions using WSDL wizard
bullet Automatically generate java source code based on Web Service description


Process features:
bullet Generate a detailled EAI process documentation
bullet Validate EAI process coherency


Administration - Monitoring:
bullet Check the transactions status
bullet Edit the transactions
bullet Resubmit or cancel the transactions



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