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Who we are !

CSRbusiness is a leading integration/decision making solutions provider. Our large expertise helps us to provide APIM solutions to our customers helping them to improve their performance and their competitively.

What we do !

APIM Products and Solutions cover the whole process of data integration and create value by reducing costs, increasing revenue, optimizing internal processes, getting visibility on business objectives and the strategy and get maximum benefit from Information Systems.

Additionally, these solutions represent a new generation of decision making platform, unique on the market by its integration and functional coverage. Its components cover the whole enterprise requirements in the decision making and help the management to focus on the business instead of the technical aspects.

CSRbusiness is offering two categories of software. “APIM product” is covering the business process and integration needs (BPMi). This product assists to setup and manage an SOA (service oriented architecture), to integrate internal and external (partners, suppliers,…) applications and operational processes.

Key Advantages

“APIM solutions” are dedicated to serve the needs of specific industries. These solutions combine the capability of APIM business integration and a “Ready-to-go” business implementation that reduce time to market and implementation costs.

CSRbusiness mission is to assist its clients at every stage to get real time and valuable information about their current business or production status.

This get a better control on key activities, being more reactive to changes, make a better use of assets, adapt rapidly to the market and get important commercial key advantages to improve competitiveness.

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