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APIM simulator

Simulation is creating a mathematical model of a real system, to see how the system works and, by changing variables (time or resource variables), make predictions about how the system will imact.
APIM Simulator provides powerful analysing and simulation capabilities. By streamlining your operations and efficiently allocating your resources, you are able to save time and money. When you have completed your process map that defines the Actions (i.e. activities) and flow of your process using APIM Designer, you also have completed the first step in designing a simulation model of your process. The rest is just easy as 1-2-3

With Apim Simulator you can:
bullet Validates data
bullet Graphical, high impact animation of your process
bullet Visual identification of process bottlenecks
bullet Monitoring of key performance indicators
bullet Improves communication and acceptance of proposed process changes
bullet Allows (what-if) testing in a risk-free environment
bullet Provides detailed reporting
bullet Comparative scenario analysis


You can use APIM Simulator to optimize your process based upon different goals as:
bullet Achieve a certain process cycle time as measured by your customers.
bullet Determine the number of resources required to achieve a certain level of service.
bullet Determine the benefits from a proposed process change versus the cost associated with making that change. APIM Simulator provides you with the tools to answer these questions, and any more.
bullet APIM Simulator animates the flow chart of the process by showing the processing of the process steps and transfer of the flows. This is a very powerful way to understand the dynamics of the process and to analyse its the bottlenecks.



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