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APIM - Architecture


The architecture of APIM is designed to support Clustering, High Availability, Multi-threaded and Parallel processing get the best performance when working with very large implementations - all of those elements are the key points to the perennity of a EAI solution !

APIM Designer and APIM Portal are based on J2EE specification. By using Web based client you ensure immediate access to the whole enterprise assets with no complex deployment or maintenance. Using Apache Struts and Java Server Pages you can easily update the visual layout of the APIM Portal to get a customized version.
APIM Engine is the combination of both the Integration Engine and the Workflow Engine. This unique combination ensures very fast and reliable EAI Integrations with the intelligence of BPM tools.
Since APIM Engine is taking advantage of the WebServices middleware, you can connect applications together with any private or public WebService.
APIM is not limited to WebServices but also offer more than 180 of connectors allowing to connect most of the market applications.
Using transaction encapsulation algorithm, APIM can guarantee 100% of data consistency, which means no loss, no corruption and moreover the ability to get completely detailed tracking and history of transaction processing in the entire entreprise in real-time.

The Facts
bullet highly distributed environment
bullet remote management using Web browser
bullet connect your partners, customers, subsidiaries together by linking up APIM Engines

Key features:
bullet integration broker + pooling
bullet process integration server
bullet template processing ATL,XSLT and Velocity
bullet data transformation (mapping)
bullet JAAS authentication and authorization
bullet Web Services as connectors - easy to extends


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