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APIM - Connectors

APIM 6 is shipped with a broad range of Adapters.

WebService Connector
bulletSupport REST and SOAP 1.2 over HTTP,HTTPS,S/SMTP,POP3,HTTPR (Reliable HTTP),BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP), and Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) SOAP Interop certified with the following WebServices client implementations:
4s4c,ASP.NET WebServices,Apache Axis,Apache SOAP 2.3,Delphi SOAP,EasySoap++,Frontier,GLUE,HP SOAP,IONA XMLBus, IONA XMLBus (CORBA),MS .NET,MS SOAP ToolKit 3.0,Phalanx,SIM,SOAP4R,SOAP:Lite,SQLData SOAP Server,Spray 2001, WASP Advanced 3.0,WASP for C++,eSOAP,gSOAP,kSOAP
bullet Supported encryption algorithms: SSL v2.0/v3.0 (triple DES 128bits), TLS 1.0 (Transport Layer Security, RSA rc4, RSA rc5, IDEA, Blowfish and X509 v3 Certificates.

XML - connectors
   XML exchange: Supports DOM Validation, XPath,W3 Schema, XSLT
   Support HTTP 1.1 through Proxy. HTTPS support JSSE 1.0.3 encryption (SSL 2.0 and 3.0, RSA, TLS 1.0 and X509 certificats) GET / POST XML document
bullet File System
   Read / Read & Flush / Write /Append files.
bullet FTP/SFTP - File Transfert Protocol
   Support both Active and Passive FTP transfert mode. Read / Read & Flush / Write files.
   Send email - receive emailSend / Read / Read & Flush Email from/to mail server. Support ESMTP (RFC 1651), SMTP Authentication (RFC 2554) using Login,Plain or Digest-MD5 mechanisms (RFC 2592 and RFC 2831).
   Simulate telnet connection.

Templates - connectors
Templates connectors are used to transform data elements into a visual render

bullet ATL
   APIM Template Language
bullet XSLT
   W3 - transformation template
bullet Velocity
   Apache Velocity template
bullet Java
   Java runtime (printing)
bullet FOP
   Apache FOP (printing)
bullet SVG
   Adobe SVG (printing)

Scripting - connectors
   Use the scripting actions to get personalized low level integration
bullet Java java runtime
bullet Javascript javascript runtime
bullet IBM Net/REXX rexx runtime

RDBMS - connectors
   Support INSERT, UPDATE,DELETE and dynamic SQL queries supporting two phase commit.
bullet ODBC 3.0
bullet JDBC - Microsoft SQL Server 2000
bullet JDBC - IBM DB2 8 + DB2/400
bullet JDBC - IBM Cloudscape
bullet JDBC - Oracle 10i
bullet JDBC - MySQL 4
bullet JDBC - PostgreSQL 7.3
bullet JDBC - IBM Informix Dynamic Server 9
bullet JDBC - Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0.2 and 8.0
bullet JDBC - Cloudscape 3.6/4.0
bullet JDBC - SapDB 7.4
bullet Others...

JMS - connectors
   Support for both PTP (Point-to-point) and Publish/Subscribe JMS messaging models
bullet SUN's J2EE 1.4 - JMS
bullet Sun ONE Message Queue 3.0.1
bullet IBM MQSeries
bullet SonicMQ 5.0.1
bullet SwiftMQ 4.6.0
bullet jBroker MQ 2.1

CORBA - connectors
   Support all SUN's J2SE 1.4 compliant Corba 2.3 implementation
bullet SUN's J2SE 1.4
bullet ORBacus for C++ 4.0.5
bullet Borland Visibroker 4

Operating System - connectors
   Use these actions to interact with the Operating System
bullet Accounting
   Add, Delete, Update user account
bullet Processes
   Execute a script (BAT or csh/ksh) or a binary.
   Rexec - remote execution

LDAP - connectors
   Add, Delete, Update, Search the LDAP using JNDI-LDAP standard interface.
bullet OpenLDAP 2.1.22
bullet iPlanet Directory Server 5.2
bullet IBM SecureWay

Documentum - connectors
   Electronic Document Management
bullet Add
bullet Create doclink
bullet Update
bullet Delete
bullet Get documents from the document base
bullet DQL queries

Workgroup - connectors
bullet Lotus Domino 6
   List View
   Get Document
   Add Document
   Delete Document
   Run agent
bullet Microsoft Outlook XP/2003
   Send Calendar entry notification
   Send Address book synchronization

Financial - connectors
   Retrieve quotes, market index, currency exchange rates
bullet Reuters financial services
bullet Yahoo! Finance

SAP R/3 - connectors
bullet Generic components
bullet SAP BASIS (Basis Technology)
bullet SAP FI (Financials)
bullet SAP LO (Logistics)
bullet SAP HR (Human Resources)
bullet SAP APO (Advanced Planner & Optimizer)
bullet SAP EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional)
bullet SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
bullet SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse)
bullet SAP CFM (Corporate Finance Management)
bullet SAP SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management)
bullet SAP CA-JVA (Joint Venture Accounting)

bullet Industry specific components
bullet SAP IS-AD (Aerospace&Defense / Engineering&Construction)
bullet SAP IS-AFS (Apparel and Footwear)
bullet SAP BANKING (Banking)
bullet SAP IS-H (Healthcare)
bullet SAP INSURANCE (Insurance)
bullet SAP IS-M (Media)
bullet SAP IS-OIL (Oil & Gas)
bullet SAP IS-PS-CA (Public Sector - Contract Account)
bullet SAP IS-T (Telecommunications)
bullet SAP IS-U/CCS (Utilities - Customer Care & Service)
bullet SAP DI (Discrete Industries)

Oracle Financials - connectors
bullet RFP (request for proposal)
bullet RFP response
bullet Order
bullet Order response
bullet Order status
bullet Order status request
bullet Change Order
bullet Good Receipt
bullet Payment Request
bullet Payment Status

SAGE 50/100 - connectors
bullet New Supplier
bullet New Customer

   Ansi x12
bullet 270 - HC Eligibility
bullet 271 - HC Eligibility Information
bullet 276 - HC Claim Status Req.
bullet 835 - HC Claim Payment/Advice
bullet 837 - HC Claim
bullet 850 - Purchase Order

   schema version 4.0
bullet Advanced Shipment Notice
bullet Availability Check (req.&result)
bullet Change Order
bullet Good Receipt
bullet Invoice (+ response)
bullet Order (+req +response)
bullet Order Status (req. & result)
bullet Order (+req +response)
bullet Order Status (req. & result)
bullet Order (+req +response)
bullet Order Status (req. & result)
bullet Payment Request (+ ack + req. & result)
bullet Price Check (req. & result)

Health Level 7
bullet HL7 v2.x (and v3 using XML messages)
   support MLLP and HTTPS send/receive protocol

   Oasis and UN/CEFACT
bullet Supports message encapsulation I/O though HTTP/S or SMTP

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