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APIM - Portal

The role of the APIM Portal is to provide a graphical web interface that let people involved in the BPM or Integration Flow process to interact with the data. This transaction is automatically delivered to the right person based on APIM Designer's conditions (filtering).
Any employee through a unique interface gets a global view of all his different tasks in all the processes he participates in. APIM supports dynamic resource reallocation. It means that if for a specific business reason you need to assign more resource to a task, you just need to add people to a portal task and they will be immediately warned by mail of their new mission and its duration. As soon as they log into the portal they see the new tasks assigned to them.
The portal integrates seamlessly in almost every kind of architecture since it supports a large range of technologies. (JSP, ASP, XSL) APIM Portal provides a well-suited interface for humans to interact with processes.

The Facts:
bullet Start new transactions
bullet View/Edit workflow transactions
bullet Validate or reject transactions
bullet Transaction tracking (where in the process is the transaction)
bullet User with role as 'Administrator' or 'Manager' will be granted to access reporting functions
bullet Real-time production statistics (user activity, process duration time, ...)
bullet Portal can be customized to fit the enterprise portal


Online Statistics:
bullet get stats on process duration
bullet get stats on user job duration
bullet get stats on system job duration
bullet get stats on user activity
bullet get stats on process activation


Form editing:
bullet design APIM Portal's Forms assigned on 'Inbox' actions


Unique features:
bullet transaction tracking
bullet user replacement (out of office redirection)



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