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The Solution:

APIM workflow's solution is based on Kadeo Modeling Tool (KMT) and Kadeo Workflow System (KWS) provided by KADEO.
KMT is a business level process designer; KWS is a BPM Workflow Portal that helps human to interact with the business process, KWS is built on top of APIM.
By implementing APIM workflow solutions you will have automated, monitored and optimised key business processes. This will allow you to realise substantial benefits and profits.

Some of these include:

bullet Reduced or eliminated paper based processes
bullet Reduced cost of providing services to their customers and enhanced customer service
bullet Increased employee productivity
bullet Reduction or elimination of data input errors
bullet Greater management control and visibility of regulatory compliance



okFinancial Services
bullet Loan Authorisation bullet Credit Card Incidents
bullet New Accounts Setup bullet Inbound Calls Handling - Risk Management
bullet Customers Claims Processing bullet Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley)


okPublic Services
bullet E-administration bullet Citizen Portals
bullet Document Routing & Approval bullet IT Help Desk Requests
bullet Purchasing Requests bullet Contract Management
bullet Estate & Equipment Management bullet Compliance


bullet Product management bullet Procurement
bullet Incident Management bullet Change Order Management
bullet ISO 9000/9001 Compliance bullet Product Packaging
bullet Follow-up of Modification Request Procedures  


okService Sector
bullet Product management bullet New Product Ideas
bulletOrder Processing bullet Supplier Management


okHealthcare Industries
bullet E-CRF bullet Clinical Supplies Tracking Flow
bullet Non Compliance Management bullet Order Fulfilment
bullet Return Merchandise Authorization  


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