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Giving you insight and control over data to better serve your customers

Many banks still don't have a consistent, 360 degree view of their customers in real-time. Instead, there are siloed applications spread across different sales channels, parts of the business and product lines.
To top it off, poor quality of customer data results in missed sales opportunities, high customer attrition and extra costs.
With CSRbusiness, you can manage customer data more effectively, integrate data into a single view and manage master data in a central repository.
By bringing together a comprehensive view of the customer, you gain the insight needed to improve cross-selling success and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Better yet, you'll dramatically reduce the effort and complexity of data maintenance and analysis - lowering your costs.


Achieve business results faster with CSRbusiness

bullet Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering them the right services and products at the right time.
bullet Stay focused on solving your business problem - not worrying about the underlying technology such as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and Data Warehouse (DWH).
bullet Improve data quality (consistency, accuracy, timeliness) with a single point of truth for customer master data.


CSRbusiness Infrastructure Suite:

bullet Manages the entire lifecycle of master data, independent of the data type or location. Consolidate data from different sources into a unified data model to help your enterprise maintain a "single version of the truth".
bullet Creates single views on information from disparate systems without having to do low-level coding - no matter if the data is structured or unstructured. Use Web services to provide data views reusable in other applications.
bullet Allows you to compose new business applications and services without re-implementing existing functionality. Our Customer Data Management solutions utilize the CSRbusiness Business Orchestration Suite - APIM, enabling organizations to achieve business results - faster.

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Let CSRbusiness ensure that your customers and employees benefit from streamlined processes and access to the information they need, when they need it.
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