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Dear Customer,

Dear Partner,


The last half has been particularly eventful, and we would like to share a bit with you through this letter.




The company web site http://www.csrbusiness.com has been entirely revamped in order to ease the customer support interactions.

Use your support/partner account to log in! (if you lost your account please send a request by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Once connected, you can download software and update, documentation, access the FAQ database and manage support tickets.


"APIM bpmi"


Our leading enterprise integration platform has had received several enhancements:

1. New connectors

ü  WebService REST 

ü  Send fax (Interfax)

ü  Send SMS (Netoxygen,Clickatel)

ü  Google (search, map)

ü  Health Level 7 (HL7) health industry standard

2. Higher performance

ü  Improved engine performance (20k transaction per hour per CPU)
see FAQ
“How to improve engine performance”

3. Connectors help

ü  In the parameter tab a new "help" icon has appeared,
Use it to get help about the connector instance

4. Technical tools

ü  iminject.sh
This tool allows you to inject a test transaction manually using the Immediate Engine
cd /usr/csrbusiness/apim60/bin
./iminjet.sh inputfile.properties inboxid myhostname apimuser apimpassword

ü  xslt.sh
This tool allows you to transform a XML source file to a XML target file using an XSLT (ie designed using the APIM Mapper)
cd /usr/csrbusiness/apim60/bin
./xslt.sh inputfile.xml outputfile.xml myxslt.xslt


More information at http://www.csrbusiness.com/products


"APIM bpm/workflow v2"


The new release of the Business Process Management solution developed in collaboration with our partner KADEO has been released.

Our best of bread BPM solution is the best way to coordinate the interaction between actors/employees.

Business Processes are designed using the outstanding Kadeo's «Velociraptor» and then depoyed in a automatically to the «BPM portal» allowing users to initiate business processes (cases) and received task assignments,

Thus with absolutely no development needed!


Key features:

ü  Visual business modeling

ü  Business rules

ü  Intelligent Form support

ü  Process version support (allows runtime modification of existing processes)

ü  Modern web user interface

ü  Integration with enterprise legacy systems


More information at http://www.csrbusiness.com/site/workflow


Finally we would like to thank you for your continuous trust and support


Your Professional Services Team

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