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Analysis of the existing and the needs

a. Understanding the critical success factors (CSF)

The key success factors are the essential elements that an organization must consider to accomplish his mission, achieve his strategic direction (his vision), his goals and objectives. Otherwise, the CSF are the major problems that an enterprise of a specific business sector must resolve if it is to remain competitive in a market segment.

b. Define measures of success

Before starting any project, you should know how to measure success in terms of saving money by streamlining operations, increasing revenues, increasing market share... Measurements of success act as a motivator for staff during the implementation.

c. Improving business processes

Until you have understood the existing business process, you are not ready. Employees may not know that what they are doing is atypical. Roll up your sleeves and talk to the people who do the work. Remember the devil is in the details. Along the way, your value add may be in identifying ways to improve business process.

d. Managing risks

Risk is a potential danger more or less predictable, which can affect the outcome of the project. It will not be possible to eliminate all the risk. extract: " The effective project manager " 2005 Eds Organization.

The 5 steps of risk analysis:

  • Establish an inventory of risks
  • Studying the mode of failure
  • Find the cause of failure
  • Classify risks according to their degree of influence
  • Develop the method of detection


Selection of suppliers

a. Identify potential suppliers

There are a number of different kinds of vendors for you to consider :

  • Generic/Horizontal - apply across different industries
  • Vertical - apply to a specific industry
  • Custom - built to your specification
  • There is typically more risk associated with vertical and custom vendors. However, the benefits could outweigh the potential risks. To obtain lists of potential vendors :
  • Use internet searches
  • Contact colleagues
  • Look at trade journals for articles and advertisements
  • Attend trade shows

b. Find a good reseller

The reseller or Value Added Reseller (VAR)/implementer can make a big difference. Often, companies selecting new systems spend a lot of time analyzing the product and the vendor but not enough time analyzing the capabilities of the VAR. The VAR could have been assigned by the vendor, and the VAR may not be the best choice. The vendors have a methodology for assigning leads to their partners/VARs that is not well-understood. You could be getting the next VAR on a list. Once a VAR is assigned, the vendors are reluctant to introduce another VAR, as it can lead to VARs competing with each other for the same prospect. So do some pre-screening of the VAR. Better yet, get the VAR's name from someone you know.


Elaboration of a Tender

The tender is a document to be sent to suppliers in order to request the quotation of a need for the company (of raw materials, components, sub-contracting or services). The preparation of such a document is preceded and followed by a series of activities very strategic for the company.

The key factors for the success of a tender are:

  • Targeting the right suppliers
  • Convince suppliers of the attractiveness of the proposed collaboration
  • Prepare analysis of tenders and negotiations with suppliers


Attend demonstrations

The vendors should now know your Critical Success Factors and key requirements, and should be given an agenda so that time is allocated properly. You should attend no more than 4 demonstrations, and limit the time to 2-3 hours. There will be time for a more detailed review later. Ask each attendee to identify major strengths and weaknesses, as well as score (-10 to +10) how well they did for each topic on the agenda as well as indicate its importance (1 to 10).


Know the total cost of ownership (TCO)

TCO represents the cost of an need throughout his lifecycle, taking into account not only the direct aspects, but also all indirect costs such as maintenance, Administration, training users and administrators, evolution, technical support and recurring costs.



About APIM 6.4

The architecture of APIM replaces the current application integration approach - costly proprietary adapters for each application to application connection - with an open, standards-based procedure whereby any compliant application can simply "subscribe" to the services of another. APIM is a solution for the organization who think that EAI is a rigid an out of price solution. If you are among this group of people, you will welcome a low investment access alternative.

APIM solutions

During the last years, CSRbusiness has helped organizations, around the globe and across industries, to create customer value, to deliver business results and to provide industry solutions of type decision-making by combining the technology and the business. Our solutions help enterprises in two directions:

Functional Solution and Technical Solution.


APIM-BI solution delivers trusted information for a single version of truth, lets you work with information the way you want, puts tools in your hands for authoring and sharing the information as you require.

APIM BPM/Workflow

APIM BPM/Worklflow solution is an integrated solution covering all the aspects of your business process management: modelisation, implementation, interaction, simulation and monitoring. It enables business users and IT experts to work together in optimizing all company’s processes.

APIM Banking

APIM Banking is the world’s largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Solution. Our 60 global customers achieve measurable business results by modernizing and automating their IT systems and rapidly building new systems and process to meet growing demands.

APIM Print

APIM Printing solution is a platform managing the electronic communication between clients,suppliers,transporters and providers for the Book printing industry. This solution controls the full order cycle from the order,back-order, inventory notification, delivery, invoicing - from the Editor to the Print factory. APIM ensures the communication between the ERP of the parties is secured and 100% garantee.

APIM Travel

APIM Travel solution is the most advanced platform for the Travel Industry including:

  • ETS (travel business oriented ERP) for managing all travel activities (Accounting, CRM, Voucher...)
  • Synchronize ETS with other legacy applications
  • Connectors Standard XML/OTA for synchronization with suppliers(Hotel Reservation, flights, cruise and car rentals) or taking electronic orders from clients and partners


About CSRbusiness llc

CSRbusiness is a company active in the field of information technology, editor of sectoral solutions of type decision-making, modern and progressive. With its 10 years of experience in decision-making, CSRbusiness is able to offer a wide range of fast, easy, consistent and accurate solutions. This is the merge of business and technology. At CSRbusiness, the relationship between providers and business is fundamental. The search for an adequacy Company/Partner is important, because the integrator must be attentive to the needs and assist the company in its evolution. Establishing a relationship of trust between the provider and the company is essential.


More information is available at www.csrbusiness.com

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