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In the current economic and financial crisis, many companies adopt a defensive attitude and that not only reduce their costs, but also their investments. However, in these difficult and uncertain times a company has the opportunity to stand out. Indeed, adversity grows the most combative to gain efficiency and to find or invent new solutions through the difficulties. The information system is one of the factors for this efficiency and competitiveness. It is traditionally the source of innovation for the company and essential tool to automate and optimize business processes. It is through their system of information that companies can gain agility, competitiveness and become smarter. Several companies IT understood. If the IS is often the first to suffer budget cuts and the slowdown in investment. Technology equipment performance management and decision support are maintained in the budgetary priorities. Spending on BI are on the increasing: according to a Gartner study released in March 2008, they should grow at a cumulative annual rate of 8.1% until 2012, reaching $ 7.7 billion this year. APIM-BI Solution brings Business intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM) into common orbit. This solution delivers a global system to manage seamlessly the complete BI processing across the enterprise.



Apim-BI is a set of components packaged to deliver state-of-the art Business Intelligence. These components are: Apim-BI ETL, Apim-BI Pooloing, Apim-BI Reporting, Apim-BI Transformer, Apim-BI connectors, all are orchestrated by the application Apim-BI Monitor. This solution is enlisted in the top 5 of the most complete BI solutions available on the market.


About APIM6.4

The architecture of APIM replaces the current application integration approach - costly proprietary adapters for each application to application connection - with an open, standards-based procedure whereby any compliant application can simply "subscribe" to the services of another. APIM is a solution for the organization who think that EAI is a rigid an out of price solution. If you are among this group of people, you will welcome a low investment access alternative.


APIM solutions

During the last years, CSRbusiness has helped organizations, around the globe and across industries, to create customer value, deliver business results and to provide industry solutions of type decision-making by combining the technology and the business. Our solutions help enterprises in two directions:  Functional Solution and Technical Solution

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