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Dear partners, dear customers,


The CSRbusiness crew wishes you all the best for the year 2008! We hope that you spent a very nice Christmas holiday.


As the first Agile principle says it well, our priority is to satisfy you through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. In order to always give you the best tools to run your business or company, we are happy to announce the launching of a newsletter. The purpose of it, being to make the use of APIM easier and more efficient, we hope it will help you be the most productive and competitive. Through this newsletter we will also be able to let you know about the upcoming events CSRbusiness is planning.


For those of you who aren't already familiar with our products, as also for those who don't know exactly what kind of services CSRbusiness is offering, here is a short description of what we have to offer. If you need further informations you are also welcome to take a look at our website CSRbusiness.com or to contact us at this e-mail address for additional informations or a personalized advice.


CSRbusiness was created to serve the needs of organizations that must transform complex and diverse IT systems into a unified e-business environment, available anywhere. These organizations know that in order to thrive in the new web-enabled economy, they must be able to bring together their varied IT assets and make them available to customers, users, partners and employees as required, when required.


CSRbusiness provides powerful, flexible SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture) integration technology which can unite existing, heterogeneous IT infrastructure. The objective of a service-oriented architecture is to break up a functionality into a whole of basic functions, called services, provided by components and to finely describe the diagram of interaction between these services.


The underlaying idea is to cease building the life of the company around applications to make in kind to build a global software architecture, broken up into services corresponding to the trades processes of the company.


A service-oriented architecture makes it possible to obtain all the advantages of a client-server architecture and in particular:


A modularity allowing to easily replace a component (service) by another

A possible re usability of the components (in opposition to a system all-included made-to-measure for an organization).

Better upgrading capabilities (it is enough to make evolve/move a service or to add a new service)

A greater failure-tolerance

A facilitated maintenance


Our integration components allow vendors to provide solutions which can inter operate with a vast range of deployed applications.


Our mission is to help our customers streamline their data flow inside and outside the organization in a secure and flexible way allowing them to increase the value of their ecosystem (partners, customers, suppliers, retailers,wholesalers).


The company's core business is to provide an integrated product suite called APIM (Active Process Integration Manager), allowing small and medium sized organizations to integrate their value chains in a flexible and efficient way.



APIM is already used in a great number of fields and varied industries. For example:


Administration & Government

  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Print
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Travel services
  • Parcel delivery
  • Security
  • Car Industry
  • Hotel services
  • Management services
  • e Commerce


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