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Dear Customer,
Dear Partner,

You probably noticed our leading integration software «APIM» has received major improvement recently.
As registered APIM user you will get immediate benefit of the following features:

  • HTTP/S Broker - now support xml, text and binary to be sent to APIM processes
  • JMS Broker - connects to APIM processes using JMS messaging.
  • File Broker over HTTP/S - send or get files through processes
  • Improved reports - now get detailed runtime reports like process activation, user activity and detailled security insight.
  • Inline source code/script editor has been improved and is now based on CodeMirror
  • Immediate Engine API - much faster synchronous call of APIM processes within your own Java application.
  • New standard connectors: Clickatell SMS, Windows Add User, FileSystem Directory, ...
  • New pooling methods: Trigger processes when a directory is processes,...
  • Defered APIM administration tasks - system tasks are now defered to improve concurrent operations.
  • New engine threading architecture - get benefit how multi-cores CPU and distributed grids - running much faster
  • And more to come...

All these features are the result of a merger between APIM and our new flagship product Octopus.
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How to get benefit of those brand new functionalities ?
Update your APIM installation and apply the patch. Just open the following link:

Any issue ? Please contact our support team at http://www.csrbusiness.com/support or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your continued trust

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