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We have recently embedded major key features and improvements in APIM,
thus embodying a huge step towards the fusion APIM / Octopus.

While you are getting new features day by day while updating your favourite APIM integration platform,
you may be faced to an unusual issue proceding to the updates.
This is mainly related to old installation getting a big gap in term of system synchronization.
Whenever you get an error while proceeding to the update - try the following procedure:

1. open a shell and change to bin's directory
cd /usr/csrbusiness/apim60/bin

2. apply patching
./fix.sh         (or fix.bat)

3. update APIM
./update.sh -console        (or update.bat -console)

Now your system must be aligned with the latest functionalities.

Getting any problems with this procedure ? get in touch with our support team (see support section on this site)

your professional support team @ csrbusiness

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